Social Media

“Everybody want’s to be part of something”

Social media has been used as the most interactive way to communicate and share with friends and family, all over the world, for over a decade.

Linkedin was launched in 2003, Facebook was created in 2005 with YouTube and Twitter following in 2006.  These platforms have colossal amounts of users with Facebook in front with 2.3 billion users, YouTube with 1.8 billion, Linkedin with 575 million and Twitter with 321 million.

These social media platforms all have different audiences and different purposes which will have to be chosen carefully, to use with your companies social media campaign.


Content is King

As explained on our content marketing page, content is the key to attracting users with engaging, interesting, and informative articles on any marketing channel.

You can have two sites that are completely different from each other, such as a huge corporation that attracts millions of users compared to a one-man band that also attracts millions of users, that both have the same thing in common-they have great content.  Having great content is an essential part of social media Ads.


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Social Media Blogging

Blogging content on your social media Ads has to be unique and different to get potential clients interested and help them make a choice between your business and someone else’s.

Blogs are a huge influence on the search engines results as users can interact with what’s been published and by getting users to do this, can build you an audience, and attract very high traffic to your site.  Blogs encourage debate between professionals, and with your own input, you can prove your knowledge of your specialist skills and begin to share that knowledge with the masses.  Frequently updated blogging can build you a fanbase which users can associate to your own style, brand, and personality.

There is software that is used by Universal Digital LTD to gauge the amount of social listening, your content is getting online.  We don’t just judge blogs by how many likes it has received, and we can see authority scores blogs are getting.  We can also see what particular trends are being discussed and how influential a certain blog is.  With this information, we can work out if our content should be changed to give our blogs and sites better Google visibility.


Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms generally started by connecting family and friends on a personal level but as social media has become more popular, it has now been seen as a sensible method of advertising businesses.

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube pay per view, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter may have different audiences to target when starting an Ad campaign.  Within the setup process, you can narrow down the type of people that will see your Ad from gender, age, location and even time of day your Ad will be shown.  The content you add to your Ad is an important factor to show your expertise in such a small text box so you need something to grasp the attention of the user.  You can manipulate the Ad so the user engages in a specific way by clicking through to your site, encouraging a sale, click to call you or direct them to a certain website page.