WordPress Website Design

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never be seen”-Robert Breeson

WordPress was created in 2003 originally to make it easier for bloggers to publish their content and has since expanded to be the open-source content management system (CMS) behind 33% of the websites on the internet today.   This CMS makes it easier to create websites without having the full knowledge of developing and coding that is required for HTML and PHP websites even though a background understanding of website developing is recommended.


Where to start with WordPress?

Once you have attached your URL to a WordPress website design page you can start creating your website.  The dashboard is where you have access to every option needed to make beautiful websites or engaging blogs.  You get the chance to choose from thousands of parent themes, that are provided by the WordPress community, to which you have to add your unique,  creative, and engaging content.  This format gives you numerous ways to make your website a cut above your competition’s and give your site a reflection of your brand, industry, and personality.  When you add content to the back-end of WordPress, you can preview what will be shown on the front-end, if you are happy with the outlook you can publish the page and wait for feedback from your audience.


Plug-ins for your site

A WordPress plug-in is a piece of software that contains functions to add to your chosen theme.  They are written in PHP programming language which integrates with your WordPress theme.  Using plug-ins gives users control over their site without knowing a single line of code.

From the admin/dashboard, the plug-ins can be installed and uninstalled from the right-hand menu bar.  When clicked on you can view the thousands of WordPress plug-ins to customise your site but remember to check when the plug-in was last updated to check it is still in use, make sure the plug-in and your theme are compatible, how many users use it, and read the reviews what other users have left.


Composing your WordPress site

Once your theme and plugins have been selected we can start building your WordPress website design.  When working with a digital marketing agency you have to help out with your own involvement by passing over colour schemes, logos, images of previous work, professional content about what service or product you provide, and any other websites that you’ve seen that you might want to emulate.  You are the experts in your field so we would need a lot of your input to give your website a piece of your personality and prove to potential clients that you are better than your competition.